Monday, August 17, 2009

"Not" Back to School! (and a contest, too!)

As a homeschool mom I've always loved that little saying. We don't ever really stop homeschooling; our crazy schedule just keeps us going as the wind blows, lol! But I must admit I can't help myself when all the back-to-school-sales start raging around. Seriously, who can resist a brand new pack of Ticondaroga's, the pencils that write-like-liquid-that-have-that-lovely-woodsy-smell-when-you-open-the-pack not to mention getting them for $1 at Five Below? Okay yes, I admit my problem but I just keep embracing it anyway.
Remember this time of year you really don't have to pay over $1 for any basic school supplies, just be vigilant about watching the sale ads. You can check some here You can check some here.
Now don't do like I did last year and buy lots of supplies at incredible prices, hid them in "places the kids won't find and get into," and unfortunately I kept myself from them too cause this crazy mind could not remember where I hid everything! Hmmm, I need to remedy that this year. Beepers maybe? Flashing lights? Nope, that'll bring the scavengers to them too. Oooo, post-its! That's my new obsession, I suuuuuuuure like to flag stuff. Now if only I could find my post its..........
Happy Shopping! :^)

Wait...come back, I almost forgot! A contest through TwitterMoms! Sure could come in handy for back to school shopping:
Sprite is also giving you and all your blog readers a chance to win up to $100. Every 10 minutes until 8/31, Sprite is giving away up to $100 cash (as downloadable eCash from MasterCard or as a check reward redeemable at a network of retailers) – and they’re giving TwitterMoms members a special code to enter the sweepstakes. Just type in 100876829464 once you're registered to see if you’re an instant winner; it’s as easy as that! The code can only be used once per individual, but can be used by any number of individuals, so share the love and let your readers know! Maybe one of them will win, too! And you can play again by buying Sprite and entering the My Coke Rewards code. See Rules for more details.