Wednesday, April 27, 2011

People are good

There is truly good out there-EVERYWHERE. I believe that with all my heart. It is so very easy for us to find things to be mad-hurt-disgusted-sad about...why is that? Why does it seem to take such effort to make ourselves see all the good? It is everywhere. I have been moved to such deep emotion by unconditional acts of generosity over the past couple years that I find myself having no choice but to make sure to remember to find the good in everything. The air we breathe is good! Is it polluted? Probably. Are we breathing still? YES.

Huddle Up for Autism with the Eagles was not the most pleasant experience, for all of us. Chaos and rude, impatient, even intolerant people can create a difficult atmosphere to say the least. Yet from that day some amazing things have shown themselves for which I am and will be forever grateful. More details on those things as they begin to unfold, but these are things that have come from generosity of heart and spirit. I am humbled and know that all I can do is be thankful and find a way every day to pay it forward.

Remember to find the good in today. Remember it doesn't have to be huge. If you notice the color of a leaf-that is good. If you take a sip of a Pepsi and think "that tastes so good!" then guess what, there's your good! Make a habit of seeing all the good around and it will become easier to find; and know that the simple act of bringing a smile to your own face can, and probably will, bring smiles to others.