Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Movie Meltdown

When you go from him having the most amazingly terrific day to him having one of the biggest meltdowns he's ever had, you're quickly brought back to autism. He pinched a nerve in his neck--you know that feeling, it happens to everyone; but for him it was wrong, it shouldn't happen on such a good day and it was scary and devastating. 

We had hoped he'd relax once in the theater to see Star Wars with his sister. I dropped them off and went to a much put off (years) vision exam for glasses. The bright side is the phone didn't ring until the exam was actually over (about 30 minutes into the movie); sister called to come pick them up and I could hear him crying in the background. Got my contacts back in and rushed over. 

Poor both of them. She was so disappointed about the movie AND for her brother and yes for herself too, and he was just totally and completely in the throes of anxiety. He could not understand why it hurt so much and why I couldn't fix it right then and there and was certain he was going to barf or die, or both lol.  

Motrin is starting to help and with pain relief is coming the beginnings of reality for him which translates to remorse and regrets, both things which are sure to fuel more stress and fallout, but less than this initial round today. He keeps bringing up feeling bad for his sister, then changing the subject as he tries to turn everything back positive again. 

My heart hurts for both of them. All will be better and happy again, my heart just aches for both of them tonight.