Thursday, July 1, 2010

Arctic Lapbook!

We finished this lapbook in...well, several months ago but never got pix taken. This is another one of Zachary's:

Front cover

Inside front cover

Umiak vs Kayak (Zachary verbalized, I wrote lol)

Inside "Jacks notebook" (Magic Treehouse) and Venn diagram (Zachary came up with that one himself!)

Inuit family minibook, How to build an igloo, and a picture of Zach and the igloo they built out back

Some Inuit words for snow, with Z's favorite 3 written in

Dictated sentence generated then traced by Z, and National Geographic animal card.

Under the next flap (this got long, as our homemade lapbooks tend to do!lol)

Just two of the books we read.