Friday, April 25, 2008

Mommy and Daddy's Date nite

Now that is funny!!! Like, we actually thought we'd have a date nite, rotflmao! We had a movie to watch ("Dan In Real Life"--more on that in a bit...), some beer, and even a teensy tiny bit of Bailey's for Mommy. Approximately, oh, I don't know, ummmmmmmm--2.7 minutes we had a knock at the door, it was #3, needing a brush. A marathon of about 8 minutes passed, and #4 was at the door, why can't he watch a movie with his "best bwudder", just because Dylan is watching the Flyer's game? (poor, disillusioned child, hoping for a Philly team not to crack...). We told him he could watch tv for a while in his room with M, or watch the hockey game. He left. He returned. He couldn't sleep on his bed cause there's "stuff all over it!". He left with orders to get the stuff off. #2 arrived about 5 minutes later, for--oh shoot, I don't even remember what he came up for the first time. Now I gave away that he came back!! Of course, in between all these visits, you know who was trying to be, um, how shall we say, romantic? (ha ha ha ha ha, creeped you all out now, didn't I?) No really, he was just being romantic, wanting to cuddle and a few kisses in there, ah he's such a dreamer, isn't he? And I'm like "look, I just want to watch the movie, eat my beer soaked pretzels and go to bed, and we've got kids coming to the door every 5 minutes or so [hmmmm...maybe they get so used to labor that's why they keep knocking--ya know, like when they're trying to get out our uterus--or would it be uteri?--every 5 minutes those contractions keep comin'--okay, back to the topic]. #3 came knocking before I got to finish that sentence (thanks M for proving my point). Back down she went. 10 whole minutes went by, thought we were in the clear, then, knock knock, #2 is back to ask us where the heck that music is coming from (great soundtrack with this movie, btw), he realized it was us and asked us to please turn it down LOLLOL, that's me laughing not him, and to tell R that the Flyers are winning with 5 minutes left. Ah, he must learn the workings of being a philly fan, thow does not sayeth thy team is winningst afore said game has concludedeth. He didn't even get to leave before #1 is at the door, telling us she's home and what a great time she had at work. At this point, the movie was paused; not on purpose, like maybe from trying to pause it then it did it itself and got stuck and then we missed this CRUCIAL part of the movie. Eventually made it to the end, with #'s 3 and 4 sleeping in our room. I know, I know, shock of all shocks. I think we'll take our dates out from now on.....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life School and a reading breakthrough

Yesterday, Zachary asked me "What do you think is better, life or going to school?" I asked him what he thought (I wasn't really following him at that point....), he said "Life is much better--you get to eat in life, you get to sleep, you get to play, you get to design a space ship, you get to have breakfast, you get to do homeschool...."; so I said, "do you mean life is homeschooling?", and he said "yes!". This little guy has so much to say, he's so perceptive beyond his years. Its hard to see it when first getting to know him, or even if someone isn't around him very much as he gets very shy or acts extremely goofy. I've finally taken to writing at least somethings down that he says because of the intelligence, passion, and lots of FUNNY in what he says!

The reading breakthrough is with Mallory--YAY!!!! She has been very reluctant to read, and if she did pick up a book, often didn't finish. I tried having her journal her reading, tried requiring certain time, certain page amounts, but nothing was working. We were at the book store and a title caught my eye, it was a "big" book, I figured she'd scream in horror at the amount of pages and NO PICTURES. I took a breath, and then laughed out loud as I was bringing it to her, of course she wanted to know what was so funny, I said "oh just the description of this book". She loved the description, and is now flying through it! She doesn't care how many pages, and is realizing reading is fun!! "Mommy, it doesn't even matter how many pages it is, I just check when each chapter is over to get to the next one. Its like SO cool how much I like it, and the story is SOOOOO cool". I do love homeschooling. Today anyway. ;) Now if I could just get these gray hairs covered up that keep sprouting on those other than inspiring days.....I'll take them though, cause these small "up" moments are so worth any and all others.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My excuse....

I'm not talking to myself, I'm having a Parent-Teacher conference!!

thanks Dylan! ;)


I had to put these on here...the boys are getting ready to try and design their own "how to build ____" with Legos, and have been very busy. Zachary has built some amazing things with the Lego's, here's a sampling of all of it...

Zachary's guitar and Goggy playing it

Zachary's RoboRobot

the 12 steps to making "Star Fire"

Friday, April 18, 2008


Otherwise known as squooshed boobs, LOL! So I just want to tell anyone reading this that it isn't so bad! Apparantly, the lady I had yesterday was brutal, and, in the words of one woman there "she kills you!". Well, I'm here to say, I survived. ;) Seriously, don't ever be too scared to go get it done. Its a quick smoosh and then its over. I sure wish it would have been able to even these whole cup size difference things out, ya know, like when you smoosh out clay or dough, when you leave it it stays in that shape. So okay, I wouldn't want them to have stayed in that shape, no, that wouldn't be good at all:

Family Fun! (??????)

Its Friday again, and another absolutely gorgeous day, up past 80 degrees, I love it! There are flowers everywhere, and my favorites, tulips, are bursting in bloom all over. For me, tulips have such simple beauty; the kind of simplicity that helps remind me of the wonder and beauty of
G-d's creations. Like all of us spending time together...............................................Last night, we went for a family walk, the first in a very long time. Even Alexis went! ;) We started out, it felt nice all of us outside together. Then, Lexi and Dylan went at it. Next was Mallory complaining, then me fussing at Rodney for not having Cheyenne on a leash, then Zachary yelling at the dog once the leash was on ("that's not very nice Cheyenne to pull me like dat!!!), then Dylan and me arguing, then Dylan and Mallory, then back to Rodney and me--I was talking to him about D's nastiness to Alexis, his reply to me was "I chased my sisters with a knife, what do you want me to do about name calling?!?". Great. Nothing like family time! hahhahahahahahaha.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Michael Johns gone?????

Yes, I am blogging about American Idol. My love--I mean, my choice for winner, the gorgeous--I mean, extremely talented Michael Johns sent home already. I'm mad. I know, I know, its just a show. BUT I'M STILL MAD. So, any AI fans out there reading this, that will miss this contestant that just made it so easy to watch?? I want Jason out of there!! Hoping for David A., Brooke, and now I guess Sayesha, to make it....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chatter in our house

Mallory was talking. Zachary is whining "I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go". Dylan is sitting here laughing along with it all. And then there's my darling Alexis. "Hello, I'm trying to tell a story, here, can you listen?" And of course she will just keep on talking regardless. The 3 on the other side of the table just keep on talking. Dylan's reading as I type. Should we fry the tater tots and pepperoni? Mmmmmmm, is that not the most delicious thing you've ever heard of.
About an hour ago, I headed up to my room to get, well, shoot, you can't expect me to remember why I went up there over an hour ago. And how the heck can I even remember what I was about to type when Alexis is talking about this Anthony boy who's really confusing her cause this like Claudia girl is like......"MOM, are you listening to me???" So like this guy's texting her, and he's like "do you have texting" and she's like "duh, I'm like texting you", and he's like "duh, right, like can we talk", and she's like "aren't we like talking".
Anywhooooooo, so, I went upstairs, and I hear the little creatures that are my youngest two--oh crud, she just read my blog and now corrected me, she never said "Claudia girl" she said "QUADIR", like oh my gosh, that's like this guy's name, he's a BOY, duh!

So, back to the youngest critters. They are clearly playing in my room since there is no other place in the house to find anything to do. I waited a minute or two, then made just enough noise to let hem know I'm coming, and they start scrambling. I jump into the room, and Zachary jumps onto a couch cushion randomly in the middle of the room. Why in the world would I suspect anything?
I truly truly love my life. Quiet makes me nuts! And no, I still don't remember what I went upstairs for. ;)

Friday, April 4, 2008

the movie "August Rush"

Mall and I watched it tonight. It was sweet, and sad, and filled with hope and inspiration!! Again it had me thinking of Zach. Why is that children that are thought of "different" in this world we are in today have to be put into a box? Its no wonder kids have gotten meaner and more violent towards anyone that makes them mad or annoys them, isn't that really what society today is doing to those that are different? I told M, every single person on this earth has a gift. For some, its visible, loud, and on the outside. For others, its quiet and subtle. No matter what, we all have gifts. I believe Z has an amazing gift inside him, just barely below the surface, and it won't take very much to bring it out. Society as we know it discourages these things today, no matter how many protests the comment receives, its true. Ben Franklin could not get through school, he failed miserably and left at age 10. Einstein, Mozart, Da Vinci, Edison, Twain, Dickens, Monet, Lincoln, Washington...the list goes on and on. What would have happened to these creative geniuses in todays world? They would have ADHD, be on the Autism spectrum, have learning disabilities, and where would we be without their imaginations running wild? There are lists of famous people today also that were homeschooled or are now homeschooling. (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are homeschooling their children)
I'm in NO way saying this is THE way for all; no, I'm saying its the way for US. Too many people find it necessary to express their negativity towards our personal choices, while never attempting to give the respect to us as we give to them, simply by not draping our judgement upon them.
Watch the movie, its a good, uplifting film. Notice this child, regardless of the fact that its fiction; notice this child, and know there are hundreds, thousands out there like him, not being allowed to express their true gifts.



Fleeting time, moments trickling through my hands.
At times you are there and gone before I notice;
I've learned to feel you, to grasp your presence!
For as soon as you are with me, you are gone.
You are steadfast in your presence,
Yet ever changing.
Hold on,

Its been a long time since I've written, it feels good to immediately express the words swirling through my head. I wondered if they would ever come back....and tonight, the words flowed. I guess, in truth, I wasn't afraid to give the words a voice! No criticisms in my head holding me back.
So now back to the regular me....its freakin' time for bed, almost 2 am but I feel lousy. Sat here with hot cocoa and an ice cream sandwich, yea, a contradiction in terms, I know!!! Maybe I can sleep now.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Homeschool Share contest!

Homeschool share is a GREAT site for all things FREE for unit studies, lapbooks, and then some!!
They are having a contest, there are some really great prizes, so check it out, and maybe we'll both win something!