Thursday, July 31, 2008


So, to shorten the story, I hate ironing, don't do it, and everyone knows it.

Okay, there's more. Rodney had an interview and asked if I'd iron his "interview" uniform, as I call it. Otherwise known as shirt, tie, dress slacks (otherwise known as pants). Why are dress pants called slacks? Why don't we use that word anymore? My kids don't know what slacks are, they looked at me like I had two heads. Oh, I digress, yet again. Okay, so I pulled out the ironing board, saying "here's something you guys don't see often", and my youngest comes into the kitchen and said "what in the world is that thing?" Yea, I really don't iron. I told him its an ironing board, and the thing on it getting hot with a point and a button for smoke stuff (his description) was an iron. "What's that for?" Okay, now realizing I really set a bad example. I explained what its all for, and proceeded to iron, having a captivated audience in Zac (by the way, that's how we spell his name shortened now, decided by the man himself), and I was feeling pretty good, thinking why don't I do this more often, look how nice this looks! Well, my moment came to an end 2 seconds later when, as I went to shift to a new spot, the pant leg I wasn't ironing landed in the dog water bowl. Riiiiiiight, that's why I hate it, I'm way too uncoordinated and the minute something looks good it looks bad. Enter darling 9yo. "Whoa, now that's something we don't see often". Did I mention a friend had arrived at that point? I was trying to look natural at what I was doing, trying to get that serene feeling that Mrs. Cleaver seemed to always have doing housework in spite of the dog bowl incident minutes earlier, and in walks M with her truth shattering opinion. Its okay, Jen knows me well enough, anyway to have known the truth. ;)

PS The ironing board is still in the kitchen, now piled with school books, papers, and stickers. Makes a great storage place for lapbooking supplies!!


hsmomma5 said...

LOL! I, too, rarely iron. My husband has always ironed his own clothes. When we both were in the work force, we each ironed our own. When I left the work force, I rarely had need for ironed clothes so he became the main person to use the ironing supplies. Recently he requested that I buy HIM a new ironing board....of course, I happily obliged! :)

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

That is funny!! Dh usually irons his clothes--during his 20 years in the Navy, I think I may have ironed his uniform once, and did it wrong. oops.
I think just shaking it out and smoothing it down works just as well; heck, as soon as you wear the clothes they get wrinkled right away again anyhow! LOL

Shez said...

LOL. When my husband and I were negotiating our country of residence (I'm South African, he's American), I told him that if we settled in the US, he had to realize that I had never ironed before as in SA we all have maids (over 50% unemployment means that domestic help is very cheap), that he'd have to do all his own ironing. He accepted that and we settled in the US. For the first year of our marriage he ironed his own shirts every morning, then I convinced him to switch to golf shirts.

Fast forward to 2 years ago. We're staying in a hotel in FL and the kids open the closet and see an ironing board. DS exclaims with great excitement, "Look mom, they even have a surf board".

Our kids had never seen an iron or an ironing board and they were 5 years old.

Shez at Homeschooled Twins

Leah said...

I still have my ironing board - just in case, you know...
But truth be told, my children are much more likely to see their Mum busy with screwdrivers, hammers, and all kinds of other tools (electrical tools included) than with an iron and ironing board.
I'm good at a lot of things - but domistic chores are not in that list.

Leah at WebMama's Blog

A Slice of the Pie said...

Ugh, ironing. I'd much rather just hang and wear my clothes. My oldest is in Civil Air Patrol and irons his own uniforms and sews on his own patches. Really, I am not going to be there when he goes to boot camp to do it for him!

The Campbell Family said...

As you already know, you're not alone! I'm just jealous you have enough room in your kitchen to be able to use the ironing board as a 'table'!!! Mine gets to come out once every few months for 1 or 2 things then it's outta there!!!

I love reading your blog!! Are you sure I wasn't adopted and you're really my sister?!?!

Lindaguitar said...

You sound just like me! I rarely iron. I guess I don't have the water bowl problem, because I never set up the ironing board over the cats' water bowl. But I *hate* ironing. The sad thing is, I also hate putting away or wearing (or seeing my husband wear) wrinkled clothes. But I do that a lot more often than iron them.

And when I do iron, I end up leaving the ironing board set up and it collects books and papers and clothes that need to be put away and arts and crafts supplies, etc.