Sunday, August 17, 2008


I just saw the US Womens' rowing team win gold, and cried, again, as our national anthem was played while our glorious flag rose highest in the air. Each and every gold ceremony I've seen, I feel such deep, passionate patriotism. Its the same feeling I get when, on the 4th of July as the fireworks are blazing in the sky, I think about how amazing that hundreds of thousands of other Americans are doing the same thing. Maybe not feeling the love of country in the same way, but still, out and honoring our country. I love the Olympics--the athletes are there because of pure love of their sport, and passion for their country. The skeptic will say not all of them; some are pushed by parents, government, and some aren't proud of the US. I say to the skeptics--sorry you're so sad! Yes, I'm an optimist and a dreamer, I admit it happily! Michael Phelps was beyond anything I could have imagined. I clearly remember Mark Spitz winning in 1972, and that record held for 36 years, to be broken by the child diagnosed with adhd and raised by a single Mom. He broke these unattainable records (as some said....thumbing nose at skeptics), and during interviews, repeatedly was humble beyond description. Last night, as his teammates all fawned over MP, full of praise and love and Phelps-isms, he could only say the same about his teammates. And eight gold medal ceremonies later, still he watched our flag go up with unmistakeable pride. The rowers tonight just really blew me away, it was, to me, a classic show of love of country. Yes, winning gold for the US for the first time in 24 years is and will be incredibly personally satisfying for each of them, but they all only commented on their team and their country. As the National Anthem played, those girls sang their hearts out. Their smiles epitomized to me Olympic Champions. Yes, I do so love my country. Way to go USA!

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