Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

In our hearts, on our minds--where the memories of the events of 9/11/2001 should be. Time does heal all wounds, but still, we MUST remember, so that it doesn't happen again. As the time of the morning approaches the point when the first plane struck, all of my being is taken back. My heart rate is quickening, hands are sweating, as if it is all about to happen again. I think of Sondra, who was at my house that morning--neither having any idea initially what was going on, until I finally answered the phone, she her pager, and together in horrow we watched what was happening. She sat frozen on the couch as the Pentagon was hit, knowing her son was there. Thankfully, immediately she received a call that he was okay, and she returned to her job, stunned, numb, thankful, yet terrified. I spent most of the day on the phone with Chonny, as together we decided we had to have our kids with us. (Z and M were home, but D and A were at school). Whatever was going to happen, I wanted us to be together. Chonny and I were back on the phone, fearful of whether or not our husbands would be sent off somewhere, trembling each time we heard a plane fly overhead (before airspace was finally cleared), and wishing like heck the President would leave Florida to make us less a target! Eventually, Rodney and Jim were able to come home, we were the fortunate ones. Never will I forget the feeling in my heart and soul that I felt upon the realization of the amount of people killed. Sitting here, I feel it, I need only close my eyes and see the images of that day, and think of each person that lost his/her life, and pray for them and their families.
Remember, reflect. Remember, remember, remember. Our great country goes on. Flawed? Without a doubt. But still we go on, as the greatest free nation in the world.
A moment of silence for the moment of impact of the 2nd plane. I stood, eyes closed. Images of the day flew through my mind. The sick feeling of realization that this was not an accident, it was some kind of attack. I stood here in my living room, wondering how many people stopped for that moment. I am so grateful to God that I could take the moment, a simple minute out of my day, out of my LIFE that thankfully I have.
I'm struggling for the words to explain to Mall what happened that day, to explain it in a way that doesn't terrify her, yet convey the sadness and seriousness of the day. We've been talking, and it seemed sh was picking up on it and processing it. As a matter of fact, she just asked "can we have pancakes since its a special day?". Ah, leave it to children to bring us right back into the present, and right back into joy. ;)
More later, I'm sure.


A Slice of the Pie said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I am still brought to my knees by the memories of this day and the emoitions that had never before been felt and am still so grateful to have had you to share it. It is hard to imagine that so many have forgotten so much, clearly they were not impacted as we and then there is another level, those who lived the actual horrific act. I don't ever want to forget, that day changed us. I always reflect on how we dealt with it every year.