Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another lapbook finished, FINALLY

This is Mallory's much anticipated, long awaited, oh-my-LORD-Mommy's-getting-irritated Art Appreciation Lapbook. A full 4 months in the making. Without further ado:

This is the front cover...its one of her favorite paintings, by Renoir; we happen to have a copy of it made by a friend of my Aunt Martha's. For years I thought it was supposed to be Aunt Martha and a couple of her sisters. One day at our co-op in Maine, they were working with art cards, and one got flipped over and there it was-- The Daughters of Catulle Mend├Ęs. I was shaking, thinking OH MY GOSH WE HAVE A RENOIR IN OUR HOUSE!! Within an hour, I found out that no, we didn't, it was a copy done by her friend, and the original is at the Met in NY.


Jimmie said...

Your post really made me laugh! :-)

Lapbooks and artist study -- two things I love!

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

Yea, I suppose I can laugh now. My dreams of being featured on Antiques Roadshow or in a newspaper article about "they never knew they had it" and the millions that went with it diappeared as fast as an actual dollar in my pocket. Still love the painting, though. lol

live4evermom said...

Great job! We are just about finished with this same one.


April said...

I love it! I am looking forward to working on this one as well.

Debbie said...

We are doing the Art Appreciation lapbook as a Lap-n-Note so we can add to it as we do our Charlotte Mason style Artist Studies. We can include lapbook elements and notebooking elements in the same binder.

We are doing the same thing for the composers.

Great Job