Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a Tuesday and lovin' it! (actually its Wednesday)

I hesitated blogging yesterday because I was waiting for some profound words to come to me. Well, here I am...on Wednesday cause nuttin profound has hit but I still wanted to blog anyway. I'm so glad I don't do that to myself as much anymore--the whole perfectionism/shut down stuff. Pointless, dumb, gobbledegook! Oh man I just love that word, don't you love that word "gobbledegook"? It was in my text reading this week, and the reading was for and about technical writing! I am going to be an excellent technical writer if I can use words like poppycock and hogwash and gobbledegook. Okay, so maybe, just maybe, the authors were saying *not* to use those things, and so maybe I won't be a technical writer.

Back to yesterday. Actually, lets go back to the weekend, shall we? Okay actually we'll have to go back to last Tuesday. Yes, actually. I actually like that word, actually, too. And I am actually hyper. Oh I do crack myself up!

I believe I will have to try and type later because I am just too funny for my more mature bladder to handle right now. And if I don't run to the potty right now, there will be a mess of gobbledegook all over the floor, actually. Happy thoughts for you to start your day! laughing smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

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