Saturday, October 24, 2009

Calmer Times

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh I crack myself up! Hey, calm usually goes hand in hand with normal, right? And normal is soooo completely overrated, so calm must be like totally beyond good. And I'll stick with that belief cause then I can continue to remain in the chaotic pandemonium that is our lives and be completely ignorant to any other way of life.

This week brings change-more metaphoric than anything. Not tangeable change, at least not yet; but change that has a level of enormity that my mind just can't seem to grasp. Okay so there's lots of things that can do that to me--why do the boys not know they miss the toilet? why does a certain 11 year old think entering preteen years allows screaming fits of mood swings that dwarf the toddler tantrums? why does the adult child not remember she's still a child-or remember she's an adult, whichever I'd prefer in any given moment? Okay, so as I often have done on my blog I digress. Which is why I've not blogged for some time because my mind is all over the place. I SWEAR I just heard a bunch of chuckles and "like that's anything new?" Be nice please, I'm very sensitive these days. Which actually does take me back to what I was talking about. The change arriving this week. No, not that change. Its just a formality really, I know that. Yet thinking ahead to saying to someone "I'm Div.....", ugh-see? I can't even type it. The kids are handling it all much better than I am. They have accepted it as it is and moved forward; have I mentioned how amazing my kids are? Oh wait I think I am contradicting myself cause I did mention some unflattering things just a few sentences ago. But maybe I wasn't talking about my kids, so there! Or maybe its part of what makes them normal kids. But normal is overrated. I said that, too, didn't I. YIKES! I'm going to stop typing now. Cause I know I'm pretty confused at this point and I'm the one typing it all. Questions? Um...ask someone who knows me to answer cause I'll digress. lol.

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