Saturday, February 19, 2011

On a brighter, lighter note...

This is my latest knitting project. Alexis wants a spiral scarf and I of course insisted I WILL MAKE IT! Oy, the echo keeps playing over and over in my head, and I am cursing my stubbornness. My mom originally gave me the pattern, I tried it but, when only seeing the triangular shapes forming and not a hint of spiral, I pulled it out and started over. And tried again. And pulled it out again. And-you guessed it-tried it again, and pulled it out again. Those stupid triangulated shapes were about to be striangulated! ( I commented that on another person's blog, personally I thought it was so funny it was worth repeating just for you) I did a Google search for spiral scarf knit patterns, and there were TONS! And they only needed like, well some only needed 400 stitches, some 600--A-OH OH-A, areyoukiddingme? I have a hard time keeping up with 50 stitches-oh who'm'I kidding, I have a hard time keeping track of 10 stitches. I found the pattern in my searching (click here to check out her blog), it's the same pattern my Mom originally gave me, with an experienced knitter promising that after about 6 inches it will spiral. Her pictures are beautiful and after reading comments I decided I just had to trust her...I'll keep you updated, cause I know y'all will be on the edge of your seats, breathlessly waiting to hear me shout "IT SPIRALED!!!!"

Use appropriate size needles for the yarn you are using. Follow that? Translation--use whatever size needles you feel like using with whatever type of yarn you are using. I am using size 10 needles with a soft, cashmere-like yarn.

Cast on 20 stitches.
Knit 8.
Turn your work-actually switch needles as if you are done the row and starting the next row--TRUST ME, it's okay, I promise. Okay, hard to take my word for it cause I'm not spiraling yet, but TRUST ME.
Knit those 8 back, only those 8, and no others.  !!!! 
Knit 6.
I won't lecture you this time cause I'm sure you trust me now, turn your work and knit those 6 back.
Knit 4.
Knit 4 back. (see? now you're learning knitting pattern lingo, I'm proud of you!)
Knit 20, go all the way. Don't try to imagine it cause if you're like me, it won't make sense in your mind but it will make sense as you do it.
Just keep repeating this pattern, and I'm pretty certain you'll have a pretty spiral scarf!
So without the commentary,

Cast on 20 stitches.
Repeat from * until scarf is desired length. Oh okay, that is too patterny speak; keep repeating the pattern until the scarf is as long as you want it to be.  :-)

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The Campbell Family said...

Will you teach me how to knit?!?! I got a book to learn to crochet but I'm a real hands-on-visual learner so Matt was doing the step-by-step from the book to learn and then teach me. We aren't really good with following through and finishing things but if I ever see a cold worm out back I can offer him a little ummmm, snuggy?!?!