Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Text U L8R" warning! Danger Will Robinson, DANGER!

I downloaded the Chrysler "Text U L8R". Well LET ME TELL YOU sumpin, it is dangerOUS! I thought it was a great idea, thinking it was something that would not alert the person receiving the text and would simply send an automatic text to the sender that the receiver is driving.

I hadn't tried it yet, so on the way home from a grueling shopping trip to Wegman's (a trip just for milk that resulted in pop-tarts, ice cream sandwiches, new-fangled orange juice, tater tots, and whipped cream--how's that for better eating habits, huh?) I asked Dylan to send me a text message so I could see how this thing worked.

Oh boy. It worked. Except it became a serious problem. We're talking SERIOUS. Cause when the receiver who happens to be the driver who happens to be me hears "yo mom what's cracking my homie gangsta" in an unexpected computerized female voice, Fast, it was HILARIOUS. We're talking uncontrollable laughter hilarious. We're talking I was sobbing laughing. We're talking I had to pull the van over cause I couldn't see through my tears hilarious! We're talking I-laughed-and-sobbed-and-cried-and-laughed-so-hard-and-so-long-I-needed-my-inhaler hilarious. We're talking....
yea okay, so you had to be there I suppose, but just consider this my Itoldyouso.

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The Campbell Family said...

omg I'm laughing so hard imagining this! I can just hear the voice!! Your posts always make me laugh, keep 'em coming!!!