Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Pepsi Refresh Project!!

Excited doesn't begin to describe how I feel! As some of you know, last year I tried to get my idea--to provide no-contract, prepaid, wireless internet modems plus 2 netbooks to Providence House--approved for the Pepsi Refresh project. I tried for months; each first of the month I'd wait until midnight and start submitting, and each next day I'd find out I wasn't one of the first 1000. Eventually I stopped trying through the Refresh project and created my own facebook page to try and raise the money on my own, as well as educating people about the realities of Domestic Violence.

On a whim last month, I checked the RefreshEverything website one more time, and found that I had arrived on the last day for submissions for July. I hated the thought of finding out I didn't make it again but decided to try just one more time. Imagine my excitement when I got an email saying my idea was initially accepted, and then two weeks later when I got an email telling me my idea had passed the idea approval committee! At 1am on the 1st of this month, I checked the website--I was literally shaking as I clicked the mouse (yea yea, I'm a total emotional dork lol), and...and.......the website was "down" for maintenance. Yes, seriously!!

The day was busy, but I checked my email with my phone while I was out--nothing. I had a quick conversation with someone while I was out about how my life experiences helped me choose my new path and immediately I remembered about the grant and checked my phone again. There was an email from Pepsi Company but nothing from Refresh. Now that was not nice at all if-you-ask-me but really, who's asking, right?

Once home I got real busy real quick with the "Mom's home Mommy Mommy Mommy can I can I can I's", (okay truthfully the kids were really good and not very needy yesterday even with M not feeling well; there my guilt is relieved) then I remembered I needed to check. I looked quickly at my phone and THERE WAS AN EMAIL FROM PEPSIREFRESH . I didn't dare open it on the phone cause, well...if I was going to be disappointed I might as well be sitting at the computer where I could immediately switch over to Facebook for some Bejeweled Blitz therapy. I got on the computer, checked the email and...well at about 4 o'clock did you hear my "YES!!!!!"??

This project is so important to me. I know the importance of safe internet during times of crisis, I know the need for internet access during times of crisis. I've been able to help a couple people over the last year or so with getting internet access, but  I want to be able to help many women have this valuable resource. I can't explain the drive in my heart to get this done; I can only say that Providence House provided us with unconditional support, encouragement, and education during the hardest times of our lives, and this is one small way to begin to give back.

Please help me by voting as often as you possibly can, and by sharing the link with as many people as possible!
 *******CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!*******You will have to create a user id/password, but only to vote and share, they will not spam your inbox. If you have Facebook you can log in with your Facebook info.

Thanks in advance, and....
I'M SO EXCITED! Smiley Faces


Bonnie said...

You know? I'm going to be voting every day and I'm going to share it every day on my Facebook wall. Even if you don't win (and I'm really, really hoping you do), I am so stinkin' proud of you for sticking with it!! Way to go, Linda. Way to go!!!!!!

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

Thanks Bonnie!