Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We love homeschooling!

For today anyway, lol!

Subjects covered today were regrouping addition, money math, algebra, distances, properties of matter, foreign language, reading, physical fitness, time management, responsibility--and all that in about 2 hours. :-D Yes some of it was just part of practical everyday life, but so much of our homeschooling does evolve from that.

Zachary learned about regrouping, how to properly write and add money amounts, and multiple digit addition. He was sorting and then counting the change that Dylan paid me (Dylan handled the responsibility lesson there by paying towards his fines for having soda, plates, and other food related items in his room, grrrr....)
While he was sorting the coins, he asked if he could write it all down. (ummm, I can't believe I missed that wide open sarcastic opening there, because I said yes he could) Here is his paper:
He figured out how to add the numbers by himself, in spite of the fact that we have not "officially" covered regrouping or multiple digit math in his math book. I decided to write it out for him (at the top) to show him how it would look if doing this "properly". It occurred to me that-DUH-we have the blocks, I could show him exactly why we place the numbers where we do when working the regrouping problems! (again, thanks to Steve Demme, Math-U-See:

47+35 (the colors didn't show up for the "Units", which are tan for the 7 and blue for the 5)

The sum of the Units is 12 (1 blue Ten and 2 orange Units)

We can't have a Ten in the Units house, so the Ten moves to the Tens house :)

Add the Tens together to get the final answer of 82

I absolutely love when I get to see things click for any of the kids; it is the most incredible, indescribable feeling to see in and feel from them that they really GET IT!

Mallory, who is just too cool for lapbooking now, began her Physical Science Notebooking from Hands of a Child **click here for more info** (Notebooking is simply using the same elements of a lapbook, without cutting them out and/or using pretty colors, cause we all know colors and cutting things out are SO 12 years old...)

Which brings me to Dylan---->

A picture's worth a thousand words, right? Need I say more??

TBH (I'm cool like that, using internet should see my Facebook pucker!) he is maintaining an A average in math, so I'll leave any further sarcasm to your own terribly sarcastic minds. :-O

I'm finishing this post tomorrow, which is actually today of course, but yesterday it was tomorrow. I can't pull the kids away from the tv, Zachary has yelled at anyone that sat on the couch with him, heard "there's nothing for breakfast/lunch" a minimum of 3 times as of 8:30, had to break up a wrestling match between the boys; yea, another typical day in our house of homeschooling. And yea, I'm still lovin' it.

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