Monday, February 11, 2013

Seeing Math!

When the topic of kids having issues with word problems came up on a homeschool yahoo group I'm on, my reply was definitely draw, draw, draw! ;) [This is most likely the reason I have always loved Math-U-See

My kids would get so annoyed/frustrated, with my reply of "Draw it!", when they would be stuck on a word problem. I would tell them,  "Just draw it, if you see it, you can solve it!" 

**insert teen eyeroll**

Their reply was always,  "MOOOOOM! I don't learn the same as you!" and I would say, "Just draw it, if you see it, you can solve it!"

**insert teen eyeroll**

Next would come, "It's NOT going to work/help!" and I would say, yep you guessed it, "Just draw it, if you see it, you can solve it!" 

**insert MAJOR teen eyeroll so enormous I'm surprised the eyes came back down**

Eventually, either he/she would draw it or I would draw it. Suddenly the solution would become clear as a picture (haha, see what I did there??), and the problem would be solved. I would give my usual, "I told you so," and hear "I totally solved it my own way." Yes, yes you did darling.

**insert chocolate cake into mother's mouth**

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