Tuesday, February 4, 2014

These Beautiful Words

I'm about to copy my 13yo son's words to The Lego Group. He typed the note yesterday. Ordinarily I would print it out "as is" and then type it with the corrected spelling and grammar, then mail both to the Lego Group. This time however, he wanted to post it to Lego's FB page. Privacy concerns abounded in my mind but I knew this was important to him, so I let him post. I realize now that almost no one will see his post because of the strict privacy settings I put in place; I decided to copy it here so more people could see it. (more being all 20 of you lol) Without further ado, I give you his note:

hay Lego i have built for years and the thing that keeps me going is that how much time and work you put in every brick and the one thing i'd like to do with my life is to be like you all of you from the .c.e.o. to a janitor cleaning the floor you make more than 1000 smile's a day now that's a job i'd like. even the workers that work at home there helping make that smile two a lot of the time when you see a kid holding a Lego set you can see a smile on his/hers face. that's a smile that means some thing its not all about the money Lego make's its the fans that count its the fans that keeps Lego coming with what they do. its what you do that makes my world go round its what you do that will make smiles keep coming so for what you do thank you. it's not about the money its the sole.
These words are his and his alone. These words come from the heart and mind of a child that so many dismiss as unable to express such thoughts because of his "challenges". These beautiful words are always inside him and have shown me yet again the the value of patience.

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