Friday, March 28, 2014

Celiac Disease is FAD-free!

"Whether your choice to live gluten free is driven by the desire to lose weight, comply with a celiac diet, the need to avoid wheat because of mild allergies or the suspected link between gluten and autism,"

This part of a gluten free cookbook description irked me...why? Because the fad dieters (who give those with a medical reason to be gf a bad name) are listed first. 

I get it, it's all about the almighty dollar, which would explain why gf products are so expensive; all these people jumping on the gluten free bandwagon are willing to pay to play, while those of us with no other health choice can't afford it. Yes, it is a double edged sword on that products are more readily available, but at what price-both literally and figuratively to the quality of the food and the dismissal of those diagnosed with celiac disease as using the latest diet-du-jour. 

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