Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coffee Buzzin'

I was just dragging today. I had my usual Pepsi Max but there was no pick up wake up happening; in fact I was ready to get back in bed. With a daunting list of household chores waiting to get done I made the ultimate sacrifice and drove to Wawa to get a Mocha Wake Me Up. Coffee does not agree with my stomach but my activity levels jump for joy when it hits my system! An hour later and coffee gone I found myself plummeting into exhaustion yet again.

I said, "I'd need an IV of coffee just to keep me awake today!"

Zach answered, "So put a pot on, you got a coffee maker, then just CHUG IT!"

"Yea, and then I'd end up in the hospital!"

"Nah, you'd end up in San Francisco by the time you're done." He said it seriously dead-pan. Then we both lost it cracking up out loud, high fives all the way around. This kid's got the sarcasm gene for sure.

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