Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rest in Peace Aunt Jeanie

A light went out on Monday morning, as my dear Aunt Jeanie passed away.
My Aunt Jeanie always made me feel beautiful and special and most of all, treasured. She adored hearing about what the kids were up to and wanted to know not just generalizations but every detail. She was proud of and loved each of them to pieces.
And she loved me. With all my insecurities I always knew Aunt Jeanie adored me, and what a gift that was!
Some of you know that I almost always would have at least one piece of Aunt Jeanie jewelry on. Every time I'd wear something of hers I would get compliments and would smile and say, "it's my Aunt Jeanie's." We'd get "Aunt Jeanie" bags with goodies that i KNOW were all mine but I would generously share with my daughters if I felt inclined lol. We all loved how we could smell her in everything that was in the bag (even the boys!) Sometimes I'd snap a picture of what I was wearing and send it to her or show her in person; the latter being the best cause I'd get to see her beam that radiant smile. At the hospital I showed her the ring I was wearing last week at a point when she had opened her eyes, and she smiled then held my hand. She held onto my hand for over an hour and when I needed to leave the room she held tighter, so I stayed until privacy really was needed and I had to let go. It hurts down to my core each time I realize I can't show her anymore.
This beautiful woman with the infectious laughter that tinkled like bells, how can she be gone? This amazing woman who marveled at and passionately embraced the freedom to practice her religion after coming to the US from the Europe of WWII, where they had to live as Catholics to survive the Nazis, how is she gone? She loved her faith and religion, loved to be near the Torah. She was actively involved in many aspects of her Temple.
And her boys, how she loved her boys, my cousins Steve, Neal, and Ron. They were everything to her. And then came the "messiah" Julian, her grandson! I loved hearing her talk about his funny stories and all he was up to as much (if not more than) she loves telling them! And oh so much pride in her beautiful Nova, who was exactly like a granddaughter to her.
My Mom. She is hurting right now. She and Aunt Jeanie would have typical big sister/kid sister situations as long as I can remember, but she loves her big sister and already misses her terribly.
Oh but then there is Uncle Herbie. Theirs is a spectacular true love. Sure they had normal moments lol, but there was no doubt they loved each other. To see the way they looked at each other there was no denying the truest love existed between them. One of the most beautiful moments I saw over the past week was when he took her hand, and she lifted it to kiss his hand. My God they loved each other. I'll repost the video of them singing another time.
I love you Aunt Jeanie. I don't really know how to do this, but I'm doing it. I miss you. We all miss you.

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