Thursday, April 2, 2015

Going Color Blind for Autism Acceptance/Autism Awareness

Each year as World Autism Awareness Day rolls around, a storm begins to brew. This year it seems to have become a behemoth of a storm, with loud rolling thunder and some nasty lightning strikes amongst people that are usually incredibly supportive of each other, sowing judgmental comments and hurt feelings with each click of the mouse.

Aren't we all striving for the same thing? ACCEPTANCE! So let's get to it! Gold for Autism Ausomeness and Acceptance? Puzzle Pieces for Perfect Pervasive Developmental Disorders? Blue for Autism Awareness? And on and on and on....? SURE! All of them are perfect. It's about starting and maintaining conversations to educate, right? Let's stick together and accept each other and realize we are all living this life together.

I like blue. I don't see it as sad as many have said. When a storm clears during the day, what do we look for? Blue sky. See my point? Know what else we look for? A golden sun. And sometimes we even see pieces of a rainbow.

Autism is every day for those of us with kiddos on the spectrum. It's laughter and tears, hugs and meltdowns, milestones and struggles, every single day. We need each other every single day to voice our fears, concerns, and JOYS. Let's come together and stay together and lift each other up.

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