Thursday, June 26, 2008

Horse Lapbook!!

Mallory finished her lapbook, she is very very proud. There is so much we both learned that isn't in the lapbook, mommy could have gone on for a while but since it isn't my lapbook (yes, I'm accepting that fact), I let go of control. I'm all "oh honey, don't you want to put that sticker here to balance the page?" "maybe that mini book should go at the bottom ever so slightly, like 1/16 of an inch off to the right of the center" "want to draw 2 pictures in those spaces?" Finally, I was told, "Mom, its MY lapbook!!" yea yea yea, whatever.

So, here it is, or you can go to: (also, at the bottom of the page, there is the photo slide show of this one, still figuring this stuff out, shoot, posting this took almost as long as the lapbook!!!)

Front cover, without flash, and with flash, it was hard to catch but it was her favorite picture (got it from a clearance horse calendar)
Body Language flap book, and open with one flap lifted
Under top right flap, we added an extender; there's the picture of the white horse with printouts of horse body parts and skeleton, then it flips out completely:
Under the extender, and the vocabulary horseshoe shape book opened:
Horse Gaits book opened
Back cover


Alison said...

Wonderful job!!!

Shaz said...

Great job! Did you get the lapbook from somewhere or was it all your own make up?

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

Hi shaz, we did a "mish mash", used , where we used some from "horses", (I think that took us to or something), and then also, within homeschoolshare, we used "Mrs. Mack" lapbook/unit study. The cover and other horse picture was from the calendar, and then I had gotten a bunch of stickers at Joann's (40% off!).

Heidi Bazilian said...

Mallory and Linda,
This lapbook is fantastic! I am very impressed! I had Sydney write a paragraph and draw a picture about what she learned. But this lapbook is really great! I would love to participate in lapbooking with you. I have gobs of arts and crafts supplies!

stellahannigan said...

I like this, we're doing horses next week!