Saturday, June 28, 2008

Men and shopping

Yo, what the heck??? Why is it you can give them not only a list, not just the exact name, not only the aisle number, but even an exact photographic image of the store with the exact location of the product you want, and STILL he'll get it wrong? How does "if you can, before you leave work (which is the mall), will you go to BATH AND BODY WORKS and get me "warm vanilla sugar bubble bath, and we need milk", turn into "go to Target"in his wee wittle mind. Hmmmmmm??? Anyone? Buehler.....Buehler.....Buehler? Anyone? C'mon, someone solve this mystery for me, cause I'm stumped. Twenty years (well, almost), and still I don't get it. I'm trying too hard to solve it, right? If I wait, the answer will come. Oh boloney. And yes, I know I spelled it wrong, I did it on purpose for effect. Aaaahhh, I feel better. I'll feel even better after my bath tonight in my warm vanilla sug---oh wait, right, I ain't gettin no stinkin' bubble bath. Yes, life is good. ;)

as a post script: he went to the grocery store, I gave an exact description of this other bath stuff. (and specifically said NOT the oils) He called me from there, asking me about 27 others. I told him the name. He said "okay, I see the oils". I said, "are you looking at the oils right now?" He said "yea, but I don't see the bath salts". I said "if you're looking at the oils, then look down and you'll see it". Rodney:"you mean way down on the bottom bottom shelves?" (yes, exact quote) Linda:"yes, on the very very bottom". R "I don't see it" L"its a short, fat jar" R"I don't see it" L"okay, then look waaaay up and do you see the envelopes?" R"yes" L"just get me the foaming bath in the little envelope, thats fine" R"are you sure you don't want mineral salts, or lavendar fields, or dreams, or this or that or that or this or the other one?" (okay, some exaggerating there....). L"JUST GET ME THE FOAMING BATH" R"but there's this other stuff L"JUST GET ME THE FOAMING BATH, IT SAYS FOAMING BATH ON IT, DON'T GET ANYTHING ELSE, DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE". He came home with the mineral bath. I said "oh, you found it." Rodney "yea, it was on the bottom, on the very bottom shelf, not above the oils". So, can someone help me please----------I mean, just hit me over the head, take me out of the oven, I am done with this one.


Bonnie said...

Ahhhh... but he was willing to stand in front of the bubble bath stuff and buy it for you. I know, it seems small but it is the small things and's the silver lining. It keeps us from going too insane when there is all of the other stuff that makes you absolutely positive the silver lining will snap right in half and leave welts on whatever it smacks as it whips around all crazy & whatnot. At least that's my theory... :)

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

True, true--I was so busy complaining--oh, and laughing hystericallyLOL, I didn't take the time to put on here at least he was willing, as you said. I did say thank you, though.

hsmomma5 said...

That was soooo funny! I followed your blog from your signature line on Homeschool Freebies. Glad I did--it's good reading! And I have to say that I agree with your opinion on the car alarm thing--I mean really, what can it hurt???