Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 1

I'm going to start altering Z's diet, and thought I might as well keep a diary of it, here online, where you all can watch and either give input or be helped, or neither, whatever floats ya' boat. ;) So today, I've removed milk. Yes, that's all, and only the liquid, not all dairy yet. I really would like to get to where I eliminate all dairy if necessary, or get to gluten/cassein free, but right now, that's too overwhelming for me to try all at once. So, rather than doing nothing, I'll do this using the elimination process. We also started Omega 3 (DHA), these are supplements in gummy form that I found, and Z actually likes them so that makes things easier. Early today, he was very moody, highs and lows; a couple hours after taking the supplement he mellowed. Coincidence? Possibly...only time will tell.


Mrs. Mommy said...

I am in the same boat here. My oldest has ADHD so I am trying to eliminate things from his diet. We're starting with gluten. I'm trying to find the balance, though, between what he eats and what everyone else is eating. It can be very overwhelming!
I also started him on DHA and I really notice the difference when he missed his dose.

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

I just saw DHA as a supplement, and wondered if I should buy it. I've kind of given up on the milk issue, as his skin didn't keep improving and actually went backwards. :( I have started Omega 3 and see positive effects from that; I go back and forth onthe gluten issue, mainly due to the $ issues with it. Thanks for commenting!