Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 2

The main thing I've noticed, is Zach's "bumps" are smoothing out. He has had, since he was a baby, "bumpy" skin. Its been called psoriasis, eczema--but as with many things with Zachary, what he has didn't quite fit either diagnosis. Without a doubt, there is a calming of sorts after taking his Omega 3 supplement. I'll keep you posted! ha ha ha, get it, "posted"?? You know, like I'm posting the results here--man, I am too funny for my own self.

On another note--my dear, sweet, darling Mallory had a meltdown not too long ago. Why, you ask? Hey come on, this is Mallory, is there ever a why? Okay, yes there was this time; she was doing a math worksheet, I saw her struggling for answers and not really there in mind, as in her mind was on her easy bake oven, so I told her to put her pencil down and walk away from it for a bit. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the horror of it all, Mommy told me to take a break from school work, what is she thinking, someone call dyfus for me!!!

Dylan pointed out the reason he got problems wrong on his math lesson...and no, silly readers, its not careless mistakes. Its because *I* put the wrong lesson letter at the top of his page. It confused him because he thought I said to do 4E but wrote 4F on the top of the page; he proceeded to do 4E anyway. Its totally my fault, darn my trying to help him learn organizational skills and writing the specific assignments, what was I thinking!

And its raining for the like bazillyeenth day in a row, and we have no vehicle. My cup runneth over! ;)

A sweet, old song is playing through my head...."There coming to take me away, ha ha hee hee ha ha hee....the men in the little white coats are coming to take me away!"

Did I mention I'm going to start college courses in a few weeks amidst all the bliss around here? Yes, we are truly living out the title of my blog.


Michelle said...

I removed dairy a while back and noticed a huge change very quickly. Although I haven't kept up with the non-dairy diet - I do eat very little of it and am okay now.

The Tippets Family said...

We all hope those bumps go away. What a bummer. We still (and always will) miss you guys!

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

I haven't kept up with chronicling--but while his skin had some very slight improvement, its not improved any at all, and when I gradually reintroduced milk, no change either way. :<