Monday, April 22, 2013

LEGO Lapbook!!

We finished another lapbook, finally!! Zach was reluctant at first, he feels like he knows all there is to know about Legos and there was no reason to do actual, gasp--ASSIGNMENTS! Once I got him to really look at the ideas for this fantastic lapbook from Walking by the Way and we spoke a little more about the great thinkers who are quoted in this project, we got to creating! Most elements are from Walking by the Way, I will notate the things that we got on our own. We found the awesome Lego stickers at Joann's, and ovbiously we used our own pictures of Zachary's personal creations throughout. :)

The cover. Zachary created the collage on the computer!
Inside the first side, and the "map" opened.

Side flap open (the flap with the map), mini books open
There were 4 words but we lost one!
The picture all the way to the right is one of many firehouses he created.

The blue "Mission and Vision" flip flap book (important to Zach to have this in his Lapbook)

Top left & right: middle flap flipped over and Lego Fun facts fanned open
Bottom left: Famous Thinkers Quotes (cover) and Minifig Timeline minibook
Bottom right: blue flap flipped open and mini-fig timeline open, that was Zach's idea,
we used to build a custom time-line!
The photos here are 2 different HUGE Lego ships Zach built.

Famous Thinkers Quotes Copywork

Under the Famous Thinkers Quotes "book", and the Lego Math minibooks
Picture of Z's Ectomobile, above the Lego Graph
Lego Math Minibooks open

Back Cover Lego Timeline from

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