Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Very Own Idol

Zach typed this on his own and in his own words. (it was originally in a word document and I copied/pasted his words into the photo) Reading his words and then holding back the flood of emotions that washed over me was tough; my heart filled with both pride in his amazingly positive attitude and outlook, and longing to make sure he gets everything his heart desires.(okay, I want that for all my kids) These words say so much more than wanting to reach the master builders. Zach has his eyes on the future and will work hard to get there. He is beginning to understand that tasks in life are harder for him and that certainly breaks my heart at times, yet even as he realizes his obstacles he is willing to work to overcome them. As far as I am concerned, that is the making of a true role model and idol. I will forever be grateful to The Lego Group not only for their wonderful products that remain "toys" that have stayed true to the original mission of getting kids to PLAY and IMAGINE, but also for how they reached out to Zach several months ago when there was a mishap with an order. (the poster in the background is part of what they did for him--personally signed by several master builders) I am in the process of trying to find Laura that not only corrected the problem but went on to send him things that changed his life! (not to mention deeply touching his brother, sisters, and his eternally grateful Mama).

If you would like to, please leave comments for Zach! (positive only please, they are moderated for that reason). He'd be so happy and amazed to have "fan mail"!


Poppop said...

I am proud of you Zach, because of the determonation to succeed shown in both your words and the pictures

Anonymous said...

Zach, I am so proud of you. You always greet me so warmly and help me feel happy even when things are not going to well. I believe you can be a fantastic master builder or anything you really want to be.
Morah Susan

Aunt Reba said...

Zach - you are an amazing guy, and one day you will be a Master Builder, I'm sure. Keep on building and never look back.

Love and hugs,
Aunt Reba

Anonymous said...

Awesome structure in the background. I never could figure out how to build things with legos when I was young. It just wasn't my strength, but clearly it is yours...great work!

Anonymous said...

Zach, I am bursting at the seams with pride. You are my new idol and I predict that you will be whatever you choose to be.
I will forward your beautiful words to all the Gallops.
We all love you very much.
Aunt Jeanie and family

Anonymous said...

Zach I am so proud of you. Your letter was beautiful. You will go very far in life. You are amazing. Love Mommom

Anonymous said...

Zach, you already know a secret of the masters. And that is to pursue and do what you love. That love will turn into a drive that can overcome so many obstacles. I have seen this with my own son on the spectrum, not with Legos but with ballet. So many people in life are miserable because they get jobs that have nothing to do with what they love. Love can move mountains.
Good luck!