Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beautiful Veterans Day Ceremony

We had the honor of attending a Veteran's Day ceremony at a local nursing home, where several Veterans were residents. This event was magnificently topped off by the presence of the NAM Knights and The Saluting Marine (if nothing else, watch the video on at the end of this entry) , Marine Sergeant Tim Chambers who, in 2002, took it upon himself to salute, in full uniform, each and every Veteran on motorcycle riding into Rolling Thunder held around Memorial Day each year in Washington, DC. Ssgt. Chambers holds his salute the entire time, with this past year's entry lasting 4 hours!

Here are some pictures from the event.

Sergeant Chambers giving a speech

Army member (can't remember his name!), who sang the National
Anthem, standing during the Army Hymn.

Air Force Vets standing during their Hymn, so moving
seeing them stand up out of their chairs

The one Marine Vet (aside from Ssgt Chambers)
standing during the Marine Hymn.

My kids went around after to shake hands
and say Thank You. Proud Mama moments

This picture definitely paints a thousand words.

One of the Nam Knights greets a Vet

Mr. Chambers spoke with every one of our kids and gave them
a personalized motivational message

Our group with Ssgt. Chambers
Just had to capture these balloons at the end of the
event, drifting away.

Here is the video I watched over and over again before the event about Ssgt Chambers

Read more about the ceremony on the Burlington County Times Website

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