Monday, December 23, 2013

Some Quick but Thorough Homeschool Resources

Some are free, all are very low priced, enjoy! 

Currclick--Curriculum and Classes in a Click (disclaimer--yes, I am an affiliate  ) this "little, quick" lapbook is loaded with some pretty thorough info for just 50 cents! Browse around currclick for so many other free and/or low priced resources.
Grammar: Conjunctions Quick Lapbook!

Enchanted Learning Curriculum Material Online -- Over 35,000 Web Pages and over 1,000,000 subscriptions!   Always free to use, although I do pay once a year to subscribe to get even easier printables. I think this is probably the best yet most forgotten about educational resource! Just about anything and everything you might need is there.

Homeschool Share--because many minds make light work! Yet another that I forget about! So many absolutely free lapbooks and notebooks and unit studies.

Confessions of a Homeschooler--many free printables available. 

Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Maker--this one is free and works beautifully!

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