Monday, December 16, 2013

Zach's Protector

Just a short story. For anyone who doesn't know this, Mallory is very into reading anything and everything involving mythology, demons, darkness, fallen angels, magic--I think you can probably pick up the theme there. She's also a beautifully elegant ballerina, loves all things Disney, writes moving poetry and songs, and paints gorgeous pictures. She is passionate yet timid, boisterous yet soft. As I always used to say when she was an, um, adventurous baby and toddler: she is full of personality!

When it comes to her baby brother (who is 13 now lol) she is FIERCELY protective. There is no question about it and it is clear to anyone that knows her or knows us, do not mess with Z or you'll be answering to M quicker than you blink your next blink. She has always been and still is his second Mama; she even took care of him in the crib once when she was 2 and he only about 6 months old, what a surprise when I heard her voice on my end of the baby monitor in the nursery, saying "Hi Gachy!"
Like most kids, Zach has nightmares involving demons, dragons, vampires, ghosts, and other bad guys. Every single time he has a nightmare when any of the aforementioned bad guys are after him, Mallory is the one that saves him. Every time. No matter how much they fight and argue and no matter how much Mallory's "mothering" (smothering? lol) can make him crazy, in his heart he knows she is his Protector. This morning he told me about his nightmare last night and how Mallory came into the dream and saved him yet again; when I said it's so cool how he dreams about her being his hero, he said ""Nah, she just knows how to battle demons. And vampires. And monsters." lol. I explained to him how are dreams hold meanings about what is doing on in our lives and our feelings and that these dreams show that he knows M is always there to for him, to which he gave his classic "weawwy?" (Okay, no he doesn't say it like that anymore, I just sometimes still like to dip down into my denial that the baby is a teen). He was impressed.

Mallory sat at the table reading her book, pretending not to pay attention. But I know my pink bunny, and I know she was moved and most likely wiped a tear or two away, and was also impressed.

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