Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dinosaur Lapbook!

We actually completed something, whoa, I'm feeling a little dizzy, hold on. Okay, so, we finished a whole lapbook! Zachary did his on dinosaurs, it started small and sure got big, he kept wanting to add things, it wasn't me I swear! ;) Okay, maybe some things were me, but mostly it was him. He is so proud, and me too! Here we go.....
(more pictures to come, having some technical difficulties) Oh, and Zachary took most of the pictures, too!
****here's the link to flikr, where you can view it as a slideshow

Front cover

Inside first front flap, is the dino joke book, reptiles tbook, terrible lizard homemade book by Zach, 2 matchbooks
the joke flap book

Reptile "T" book

The blue book was designed by Zach, it has an egg on one page, a baby dinosaur hatched out next, and a grown dinosaur next.

Under the other top other side is a wheel book, dino adjectives, dinoland popup, dinosaur world map (with tabs for continents), and how big were the dinosaurs graph.

Next is under the dino world map side, we attached another folder, with Zach's own dino drawing (an herbivore with a hat) and the Head Games book (read clues, find the right dino head)
Inside the Head Games book

The back cover


Andrea said...

Congratulations on your lapbook! It looks wonderful! My children are very young, but we are happily lapbooking over here too! They're so much fun to make.

Have a great weekend and a happy Mother's Day:)

Anonymous said...

Love your lapbook . We just finished our first too . Well actually three :>) My oldest three wanted to each do one . LOL .


Jimmie said...

Great dino lapbook! :-) Are you hooked now?

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

Big time hooked!! The cool thing is that doing this lapbook covered so many areas; he feels a lot more encouraged with reading because I showed him that he can begin to sound out words (even the really big ones) and then know what the word is, it was a big vocab builder, touched on math a bit--not so much writing cause he really hates to write. Next is my 9yo, right now we're doing one at a time. 13yo is building is, they both were impressed to see one "in person" and are wanting to finish theirs.

Blessed Mommy said...

This might be a double post, if so sorry, I think I did not post correctly the first time. Anyway, love your blog, love your lapbook. We have not done a lapbook yet, but hope to do one soon.