Sunday, May 4, 2008

I love homeschool....

The kids were watching "Meet the Robinsons", and there was a scene where the kid told Louis to fix the time machine. Zachary said "Dylan, do you think I could make something like that?", and Dylan said "yea, actually, I do!" (Dylan is convinced that Zach is going to invent amazing things and be like Ben Franklin or Einstein), so Zachary went over to the Legos, went to work and built his version of what was in the movie. Its all about confidence, isn't it, and having people believe in you. I don't see the problem with kids being believed in all the time, why is that a problem for those against homeschooling? Sorry, I don't want my kids to have that one teacher that tells them they'll never amount to anything. If its going to be said to them, well heck, let it be done by me! hahahahahahahahaha...just kidding of course. of course.

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