Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ode to the Joys of Parenting

I always thought when I heard "I HATE You!!" come from the mouths of my babes I'd be reduced to tears, utterly and completely hurt beyond any verbal or written description. Uh, enter the joys of parenting! How else to explain that when I hear "I HATE YOU!!!" I smile and think, "oh I love you too!" Yea yea, you could explain it by reason of insanity and as I have often espoused here, that would be true; however in this case its just got to be joy. That cute little phrase expresses passionate feelings that I am lucky enough to be blessed with! Hey, you are not laughing are you, cause I'm serious here and you might hurt my feelings, and I might scream I HATE YOU. Of course you'd take it as I Love You cause you'd use my blog against me.

Parents, don't take it to heart if you hear those words. (Unless they are coming from a teenager, in which case you might could be entering a phase of hormonal explosions and had better buckle in for a roller coaster ride) Your child may very well hate you in that particular moment, but keep it in perspective--when you live with someone you are going to hate them and love them and dislike them and adore them...in other words, kids are humans too. They don't really want a reply to it, in the end they just want to know that you love them no matter what. And hey, since I have perfect kids and the perfect family life, you can trust me on this! Oh I do crack myself up on a regular basis.

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Maria said...

Hi Linda,

Great insight on the trials of hearing "I hate you" from a child. I need to re-read that often!

I moved to England with my family in September for about a year. Were you able to start a Girl Scout troop? Hope it worked out.

Maria Cherubini