Friday, February 5, 2010

what's right, what's wrong...

Isn't that supposed to be a simple thing to figure out? This system of checks and balances, of separation of powers...our country has deviated so very far from the original purposes of the constitution. When I have to call 20 different people, and leave 20 different voice mail messages, and get not one call back--all within one county system, I see that as clear evidence our system is
Having said that, I still see the beauty of the American system as well. That is sincere. Yes, you have to fight for your rights, and if you are the person in the right, you often have to fight 20 times harder than the person in the wrong--but we CAN fight, and keep letting our voices be heard to fix the wrongs. Right? Wrong? Wrong but a little right? Or is this seeming to be completely out in left field? Hey, I have to make someone laugh, so it might as well be me.

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