Sunday, January 23, 2011

Healthy eating habits

Really, seriously, I am working on changing our eating habits. Stop laughing. I bought wheat bread instead of the usual paste--uh, I mean white bread. I've gotten the kids used to it before and figured it was high time we started again, especially since homemade has consisted of ripping open the resealable freezer bag of whatever frozen delicacy was available for dinner. At least there was some cooking going on, right?

Today I got home from dropping the kids off at Sunday school to find Stefan making Zachary an egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich. (or, as Z calls it "egg, cheese, and HEAVEN sandwich") On whole wheat toast. Which Zachary would not eat cause it "tastes funny." Those two boys whined that I need to buy white bread because wheat bread is gross.

I said, "We need to get healthier, wheat bread is so much better for you!"
Stefan replied, "This coming from the woman that walked in the house with a box full of fried sugar dough covered in more sugar, calling them breakfast!" (otherwise known as Munchkins.........................................)

Hypocrisy? Nah, just gotta keep them confused.


The Campbell Family said...

LOVE it!!!! We eat whole-wheat "white" bread and to me it tastes like white. The only difference I notice is if you lightly toast it I think it looks a little browner. Healthier? who knows! But since no one here likes veggies, it makes me feel better!!!

Leah said...

Kudos to you for trying to change your eating habits! I know from experience how difficult that can be.

Actually, we're trying to change our eating habits too. No more additives, which is a huge change as this means we'll have to make almost everything from scratch.

Thankfully, my children are very cooperative. Here, it's just the hubby that doesn't want all those changes.

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

I did switch over to the whole grain white, I know I've seen Wonder White Wheat but can't find it anymore! Really though, I don't know how the kids can stand regular white bread anymore--I think they don't really like it so much anymore because they ALL commented how good the new bread is, lol.
I am trying to get s.l..o...w....l....y back to making more and more from scratch; I find myself just so tired and overwhelmed just often enough to not be consistent with it. Course if I would really change the foodie habits I'd probably have more energy. I hear the "duhs"! ;)