Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Natural learning

Why in the world do I ever doubt the idea of natural learning? "Doubt it", heck I go through times when I rail against it, running wildly through the house "WE HAVE TO GET THE BOOKS OUT!" in my panicked state. Yet time and time again I see the kids all learn more, about everything every day, then they learn about specific things when bogged down by bookwork.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a text-book-basher, no siree not me! Okay, maybe I am a little bit but only certain textbooks, and only some of the time. Hey, if there's one thing I'm consistent about, its being inconsistent. Seriously when there is an issue that someone is stuck on, or a skill that is glaringly missing, out come the books.

Creative natural learning (that's what I'm calling it from now on) works, period. D has been a reluctant writer for SO long. Wait did I say reluctant? Oh laughing out loud laughing out loud (lol just would not cut it there). Hmmmm, a better word would be an ihatewritingdon'tmakemedoit writer, or thisistorture writer; I'm sure you get the picture. I know he is incredibly intelligent and mature in his thoughts and have just wanted to find a way to help him break through the self imposed writer's block he has created. Plain and simple, the one thing that has worked is well, plain and simple. Arguing takes so much energy yet its the one thing he resorts to time and time again. I finally have realized that arguing was just another stalling tactic! I know I know, duh, right? Finally he is beginning to acknowledge that only by actually writing can he progress. I edit here and there, and as long as he understands why the changes need to be done (whether grammatical, spelling, phrasing, sensical--lol just checking to see if you're paying attention), he can use my suggestions.  Here and there, he is writing pieces that he is impressed with himself. Long process, long learning curve for both of us-but when he writes his first mega-novel, the payoff will be worth it. Oh oh oh, you know I'm only kidding there, the payoff is worth it already in seeing that wall chip away bit by bit.

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