Monday, January 3, 2011

FYI: Wax paper may be flammable....

....and when placed on top of bacon to prevent grease splatter in oven, it may become engulfed in fire in the oven. I kinda said "oh no" (no caps on purpose), then did a little bit of a "UHHHHHHH....", and thought I should maybe think about gettin' the fire extinguisher cause the flames were shooting up over the edge of the stove even, but then guess what? The wax paper was all gone, no more fire, just some pretty ashes drifting peacefully down all over the kitchen. The end. :)

Its good to be me, cause my idiocies prevent others' disasters.


The Adventurer said...

thank goodness it didn't turn out to be more serious:) Glad it didn't cause damage.

Thanks for sending a note regarding my daughter's lapbook she is on cloud nine right now with all the positive comments left for her. Thank you for taking time to comment:)

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

You're very welcome :) And yea, I did have a few short seconds of panic but thankfully the wax paper burned itself out...could have gotten very bad if the bacon grease had ignited, yikes! Luckily it just turned into another funny Linda disaster.