Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oh Heck Organization continued

Here's the beginning of my, well for lack of a better word, system. On each sticky note is one daily task. I started with more than one task per note, however I quickly realized *for my preferences* the only thing accomplished there was feeling like a failure if everything on the note wasn't done. Now, one task per note only! As each task is accomplished I move it to the day it was done. It might seem silly but it makes me happy seeing them all piled up on any one day!                  

At the end of the night I pull out my planner and write each accomplished task for the day and cross of the day in the planner, then move the sticky notes back into the memo section of my wall calendar and cross the current day off on there, too. With this system I am getting not one, not two, but THREE affirmative actions each day to encourage me to move forward! 

A bonus is I'm looking at both calendars each night which keeps me aware of upcoming events. Perhaps you'll see us on time and on a more consistent basis...hmmm, I hear the footsteps of people running for the hills...

I'm doing the same with the kids. The teen girl is resistant. Wait, let me rephrase that--she DESPISES this! Not only is this a change, she sees this as an attempt to comply to societal rules and we all know that teens are against those!! The preteen boy is enjoying the feeling of accomplishment with the movement of the sticky notes (I have the kids' notes on one side of the bathroom mirrors), though he is very happy to see only one or two move over. I've bitten my tongue so many times I'm surprised I can still speak; I am determined to let them work through this system and find what is "good enough" for them (for now lol) to allow time for the new habits to form. 

Beginning next week I will assign points to each task based on the approximate amount of time required to complete the task. This idea is from Pam and Peggy's book "Get Your Act Together", and I will be working on what/how exactly the points will be used over the week, most likely combining the point usage ideas from the book and adapting to our own lifestyle. Wish me luck and please please please share this journey with me! 

Pam & Peggy's book is available on Amazon!


ronnyg said...

I think this is a great system, Linda; seeing the post-its piled up is indeed a "reward."

There's a book called "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg you might find interesting/useful (I know you have no time!).

Congrats to Zach on his great Lego accomplishments!

LGR said...

Thanks Ron! I'll see if my library has the book.

The Campbell Family said...

I just like to make lists/notes, I think I'd make them all and stick them everywhere but never really DO anything lol! I'm glad this is working for you, excited to follow your journey. I did 50 squats while brushing my teeth, (Clearly I read multiple posts tonight) and I'd like to say thanks for the reminder that I need to start somewhere and slow is better than nothing. I get so discouraged when I have to start slow and build up. I am also rambling, that's what I get for trying to write out my thoughts at 2 am! Keep up the organizing, and keep writing about it! Love you!