Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Orga...Organiz...Or....oh heck.

If I can't even type out the word, clearly I have trouble with "it". That O word is an elusive idea that everyone else has and can maintain, except me. I've joked about it, I've lamented about it, I've attempted it, I've cried about it; I have never maintained it. Maybe, just maybe, I'm beginning to chip away at the key to that lightbulb. (yes, those were intentional mismatched cliches)

The Flylady system has worked for me in the past but as soon as I'd feel stuck or as if I wasn't progressing I'd give up. It has just occurred to me that I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY. Why it has taken this long to figure out is beyond me--I can tell anyone else they need to be easier on themselves and give themselves credit for trying yet not give myself the same courtesy! I'd just allow myself to believe that Marla's (Marla Cilley, Flylady founder) system just did not work for me and forever be in search of a better system. I've tried email groups and online only sites, read books and blogs...all through those years of searching I'd at least hear "just 15 minutes at a time" in my head, and even use the timer to keep focused on the task at home. Starting at the very beginning of May I started leaving a shiny sink every single night, and have only missed three nights over the past 3 months. Did I let myself see that as progress? No! At the same time I also began an exercise regimen, slowly building from 10 squats that first night, to now 80 squats, 100 crunches, and several different arm exercises. Surely I saw that as progress--nope. That stinkin' thinkin' of just not good enough apparently ran deeper than I thought.

Today I have finally realized I am making progress. Is it in the form of any one particular program? No, it isn't, though the sticky notes and calendar use and 15 minute work timers sure do resemble you a whole lot, there Marla lol! I'm not sure why I can't acknowledge I'm beginning to fly again, but I can at least say that something is beginning to work, and all I can do is keep moving forward. I'm also using Cozi calendar on my computer and phone. Will you take the journey with me? Tell me what's working for you. Born Organizers (BO's) please be kind if you comment or share :)

Today I'm celebrating that I've moved each morning sticky from the microwave to my calendar, including the zone mission for the day. I'm not organized, but I'm facing my challenges and forging through, and that is good enough!

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