Friday, January 3, 2014

Can we trust anyone?

There's a video going around of an autistic child being abused during a home therapy session, and people are tearing apart the parents for not staying in the room, they are IDIOTS that know nothing.

The parents are not supposed to be in the room. They trusted their gut and then videotaped it and found it fairly quickly, thank goodness. This is yet another reason I homeschool especially Z, because he will take any bad situation and "fix" it in his mind. I'm not talking about a positive outlook, though he certainly is an optimistic guy. For him, and many ASD kids, bad things just do not fit logically in how things are supposed to happen so he does everything he can to find a way to turn the bad thing into a positive and, if he can't, he just won't talk about the situation. Which is terrifying considering what happened here.

Z is older now and processes things a bit better but still it often takes a bit of detective work to find out when something happened somewhere. THIS is why I won't send him to a local day camp that is supposedly superior to all other camps (special needs and typical kids) that ever existed--yet every single summer I hear of several special needs families whose children have been mistreated. (from verbal abuse to physical abuse, it is sickening)

Can I protect him from every bad situation? Absolutely not, but I can try to protect him from as much as possible. When he had a teacher that treated him as a discipline problem in kindergarten because he couldn't complete schoolwork in a timely fashion (she took away his recess and play time), and made him turn his card over (further discipline) because he 'appeared to not be paying attention in circle time,' he regressed to toddler levels and it took a solid year to recoup the loss in social and emotional skills and reinstate his love of learning. I had NO IDEA what she had been doing, but he would cry and have meltdowns every single day before the bus would arrive. It was 6 months before he mentioned something about having to turn his card over every day.

Could these parents have seen this coming? ABSOLUTELY NOT, and they shouldn't have had to ever think about it! Special needs kids get abused in therapy/school settings far too often. This 3 year old baby went through this because so many of these companies see the money in Autistic services rather than wanting to provide real help.

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