Sunday, March 23, 2008

Brand new to Blogging

So, I tell my kids, be your own person, don't follow the crowds--yet here I am, joining the blogging bandwagon! We'll see how it goes.

My dh is out of work, has been for almost 4 weeks now. What better thing for me to do than adopt 2 cats?!? Yes, not 1, but two. They had to stay together, and I can't wait to have them, hopefully this week. They'll keep each other company, and really how much can 2 cats eat, right? RIGHT?

Tomorrow, I start Flylady, again, for the 50 bazillionth time, I'm gonna flap those wings and see if I can get some kind of momentum going. LOLLOLLOL. No seriously, I'm gonna do it this time. I'm NOT going to look at this huge giant trash pit and get overwhelmed at the thought of it all and then just sink into the couch with my knitting and try to keep hiding from it all. This time i'm going to do it. STOP LAUGHING.

Time to get 7yo to bed. Okay, first we have to unbury his bed, then off to bed. We've been over the flu for 2 weeks now, its time for the kids to move out of my room. Yes, dh has said enough is enough, but I sure sounded firm for a second, didn't I?

Hey, this is kind of fun. As far as I know, no one is reading whta I'm writing, which makes it so much easier to write and enjoy writing it, maybe this will be a good thing after all.

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momluvs4kidz2000 said...

No cats part of the family. I'll blog my thoughts on it another day...