Monday, March 31, 2008

Unfolded or folded?

So, Brooke inspired me for a new topic. Okay, so you go to your gyn for your annual, they give you the "robe" (can we really call that tissue paper thing a robe???), and a folded up sheet. So I always sit there, stressing over should I unfold it all the way, or keep it half folded, or what?? Am the only person that is so undecided over this?????? I mean, okay, if I totally unfold it, I feel like a self conscious prude. If I don't fold it, I feel like they'll be thinking "LORD look at her!". Why don't they give specific instructions on these things?!? Say "here's your tissue that ties in the front, and here's your sheet that you unfold completely and cover up". Is that so hard? LOL

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