Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Conformity--the new Girl Scout Way?

Today, I saw an article about Girl Scouts titled "Girl Scouts Seek An Image Makeover", its from the Wall Street Journal. It really got me thinking; in an initial response, which is just the beginning of my thoughts on it, I replied:

I have mixed feelings about it...on one hand, yes, its kind of cool that they are attempting a "modernizing" of sorts. But, on the other hand, isn't an attempt at "modernizing" or catering to new ways in itself conforming?

Girl Scouts long ago stopped requiring uniforms anyway, I don't see the need to update. I feel scouting attracts and keeps the older kids it does because of the reputation scouting has. I think that these kids that are already in it truly continue because they "choose" to, doesn't that make them oozing individuality and defying conformity? What kind of "individuality" are they looking for? Short skirts, low almost seems to me that the "powers that be" are unhappy with the untarnished Girl Scout image. These girls need to go wild, they don't need to be doing community service, learning about and respecting other cultures, and generally helping make the world a better place; no, that's not modern enough. I'm grateful every day we live in a society that allows us personal choices, however, I believe its all gone too far.

Here's a link to the article:

Old scouts:

New scouts?

Of course, just my 2 cents....

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