Friday, April 4, 2008

the movie "August Rush"

Mall and I watched it tonight. It was sweet, and sad, and filled with hope and inspiration!! Again it had me thinking of Zach. Why is that children that are thought of "different" in this world we are in today have to be put into a box? Its no wonder kids have gotten meaner and more violent towards anyone that makes them mad or annoys them, isn't that really what society today is doing to those that are different? I told M, every single person on this earth has a gift. For some, its visible, loud, and on the outside. For others, its quiet and subtle. No matter what, we all have gifts. I believe Z has an amazing gift inside him, just barely below the surface, and it won't take very much to bring it out. Society as we know it discourages these things today, no matter how many protests the comment receives, its true. Ben Franklin could not get through school, he failed miserably and left at age 10. Einstein, Mozart, Da Vinci, Edison, Twain, Dickens, Monet, Lincoln, Washington...the list goes on and on. What would have happened to these creative geniuses in todays world? They would have ADHD, be on the Autism spectrum, have learning disabilities, and where would we be without their imaginations running wild? There are lists of famous people today also that were homeschooled or are now homeschooling. (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are homeschooling their children)
I'm in NO way saying this is THE way for all; no, I'm saying its the way for US. Too many people find it necessary to express their negativity towards our personal choices, while never attempting to give the respect to us as we give to them, simply by not draping our judgement upon them.
Watch the movie, its a good, uplifting film. Notice this child, regardless of the fact that its fiction; notice this child, and know there are hundreds, thousands out there like him, not being allowed to express their true gifts.


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