Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life School and a reading breakthrough

Yesterday, Zachary asked me "What do you think is better, life or going to school?" I asked him what he thought (I wasn't really following him at that point....), he said "Life is much better--you get to eat in life, you get to sleep, you get to play, you get to design a space ship, you get to have breakfast, you get to do homeschool...."; so I said, "do you mean life is homeschooling?", and he said "yes!". This little guy has so much to say, he's so perceptive beyond his years. Its hard to see it when first getting to know him, or even if someone isn't around him very much as he gets very shy or acts extremely goofy. I've finally taken to writing at least somethings down that he says because of the intelligence, passion, and lots of FUNNY in what he says!

The reading breakthrough is with Mallory--YAY!!!! She has been very reluctant to read, and if she did pick up a book, often didn't finish. I tried having her journal her reading, tried requiring certain time, certain page amounts, but nothing was working. We were at the book store and a title caught my eye, it was a "big" book, I figured she'd scream in horror at the amount of pages and NO PICTURES. I took a breath, and then laughed out loud as I was bringing it to her, of course she wanted to know what was so funny, I said "oh just the description of this book". She loved the description, and is now flying through it! She doesn't care how many pages, and is realizing reading is fun!! "Mommy, it doesn't even matter how many pages it is, I just check when each chapter is over to get to the next one. Its like SO cool how much I like it, and the story is SOOOOO cool". I do love homeschooling. Today anyway. ;) Now if I could just get these gray hairs covered up that keep sprouting on those other than inspiring days.....I'll take them though, cause these small "up" moments are so worth any and all others.


Shannon said...

Hi, I was just reading through your blog here a bit. I also have a reluctant reader. I was wondering what the name of this book was?

Have a great day.

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

"A wizard, a Witch, and 2 girls from Jersey...." is the title, I can get the author for you if you'd like. She's slowed down some, but so far so good!