Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chatter in our house

Mallory was talking. Zachary is whining "I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go". Dylan is sitting here laughing along with it all. And then there's my darling Alexis. "Hello, I'm trying to tell a story, here, can you listen?" And of course she will just keep on talking regardless. The 3 on the other side of the table just keep on talking. Dylan's reading as I type. Should we fry the tater tots and pepperoni? Mmmmmmm, is that not the most delicious thing you've ever heard of.
About an hour ago, I headed up to my room to get, well, shoot, you can't expect me to remember why I went up there over an hour ago. And how the heck can I even remember what I was about to type when Alexis is talking about this Anthony boy who's really confusing her cause this like Claudia girl is like......"MOM, are you listening to me???" So like this guy's texting her, and he's like "do you have texting" and she's like "duh, I'm like texting you", and he's like "duh, right, like can we talk", and she's like "aren't we like talking".
Anywhooooooo, so, I went upstairs, and I hear the little creatures that are my youngest two--oh crud, she just read my blog and now corrected me, she never said "Claudia girl" she said "QUADIR", like oh my gosh, that's like this guy's name, he's a BOY, duh!

So, back to the youngest critters. They are clearly playing in my room since there is no other place in the house to find anything to do. I waited a minute or two, then made just enough noise to let hem know I'm coming, and they start scrambling. I jump into the room, and Zachary jumps onto a couch cushion randomly in the middle of the room. Why in the world would I suspect anything?
I truly truly love my life. Quiet makes me nuts! And no, I still don't remember what I went upstairs for. ;)

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Adzele K. Jones said...

this is funny!...I think being a little crazy is a requirement of here is to noise and no privacy..