Friday, April 18, 2008

Family Fun! (??????)

Its Friday again, and another absolutely gorgeous day, up past 80 degrees, I love it! There are flowers everywhere, and my favorites, tulips, are bursting in bloom all over. For me, tulips have such simple beauty; the kind of simplicity that helps remind me of the wonder and beauty of
G-d's creations. Like all of us spending time together...............................................Last night, we went for a family walk, the first in a very long time. Even Alexis went! ;) We started out, it felt nice all of us outside together. Then, Lexi and Dylan went at it. Next was Mallory complaining, then me fussing at Rodney for not having Cheyenne on a leash, then Zachary yelling at the dog once the leash was on ("that's not very nice Cheyenne to pull me like dat!!!), then Dylan and me arguing, then Dylan and Mallory, then back to Rodney and me--I was talking to him about D's nastiness to Alexis, his reply to me was "I chased my sisters with a knife, what do you want me to do about name calling?!?". Great. Nothing like family time! hahhahahahahahaha.

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